The State of 4k Television


4k (3840 x 2160) is the next resolution of television that will be hitting the general consumer. 2016 seems to be the year for this resolution to be introduced to the public. The next question is, are the general consumer ready for this resolution?


According to, less than 10% of current household owns 4k television and most of them are in the 50″ or larger. By the end of this year, it is predicated that number will double.

Not enough for broadcasters to upgrade their current set up but even then, it is still quite unsatisfactory that we currently cannot watch shows in native 1080p content. It will take quite a few years until 4k content and televisions to be ready for prime time. By then, televisions should be reasonable affordable and priced.

Brand such as Samsung, Sony, LG and many others are paving the way for the current market to move forward with 4k televisions and content. Not only for resolution but also dynamic range, brightness and contrast and smart features. 4k is still in its infancy but the improvement in technology has rapidly increase at a faster rate than imaginable and this is great for the consumer.


According to, less than 10% of current household owns 4k television

So as of right now, is buying a 4k television worth it? It depends on the current market and if you want to have the latest technology on hand. In terms of cable channels. NO. For movies and games, YES. There are still not a lot of movies and games that will take advantage of 4k but when it does, it is quite spectacular. in terms of sharpness and clarity, 4k beats 1080p when all factors are equal.

I have a 1080p television, I will wait until 2017 to get a 4k TV as the technology is not mature and there are still not enough content out there weather it be internet or cable for me to switch. My TV is serving me well and is still going strong since I bought it in 2013.  While the prices of 4k right now is getting reasonable and cheaper (at the time this was written), There are not advantage of stitching to 4k until all broadcast and content are in native 4k.

The future of 4k is exciting as we are all benefiting from the technology and availability. Movies, games and content becomes sharper, close to real life, and enjoyable. 4k is still young and has a bright future but in the mean time, it is still far from being prime time.