Plastic Welding by Carryology


Carryology goes on further research on plastic welding. If you ever went to an outdoor gear shop or any stores that are for the outdoors, you might have seen bags and packs that have no thread stitches. Then mostly it has been welded. What plastic welding is basically fusing two plastics ends to become united and also form a waterproof seal. Materials such as PU, TPU, PVC and etc can be welded to create a form or shape. This is done by using technique such as high frequency, hot air and many more techniques. Carryology also goes in to detail how this can affect the consumer and the industry as a whole as this is a  new technology that is being brought. An exceptional read by  Carryology.


This is a great piece by Carryology as it is not just a summary but also providing details from outside and the inner workings of this new technique that is affecting the industry and consumer. I definitely learn something new.