SPERRY X Rains – Water Repellent Shoes


SPERRY and Rains have collaborated to create this collection of water repellent shoes. With the silhouette of SPERRY and the technology of Rains, these shoes can be taken worn even when its wet out and rainy outside. Made from multiple fabrics such as leather and coated canvas. The collection are not offer in colors as it is only available in black. They also added textured in the design such as reptile to compliment and contrast the plain matte look. Great shoes when going sailing or going on vacation. Available now!

Sperry-Rains-6 Sperry-Rains-5 Sperry-Rains-4

It is too bad that it is only available in black. Rains has released multiple colors in their line. Maybe SPERRY held them back as SPERRY is known for be traditional. Nonetheless this collaboration is great as it does add functionality and practicality.