Trends – Formula 1 Show


From Monaco to the fashion world, Formula 1 is on the spotlight.  On November 18, Las Vegas was taken over by Formula 1 racing or F1 for the Las Vegas Grand Prix racing.  Along with the race, comes fashion. in case you have not notice, many of the fashion world has been creating pieces just for F1.

Recently, PUMA announced ASAP Rocky (Hip-Hop artist) to be its Creative Director as PUMA recently made multi-year partnership with F1. Palm Angeles have also collaborated with HAAS F1 to create capsule collections. Lastly, Tommy Hilfiger and Mercedes AMG have collaborated with create a F1 capsule collection. There are more of these collaboration happening this year and will be continuing onto the next year.


Normally, F1 usually on the spot when they are racing in Monaco. This time, they are starting be globally recognized and so, F1 is trending in the fashion world. Many blogs, news outlet, especially influencers are wearing F1 inspiring clothes.

Is this because of the F1 marketing team doing their job or it is because social media is exposing F1. Another aspect of this are the F1 drivers are getting into fashion such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo and etc. It could be all of those but in the end, F1 benefits from this.

F1  has always been in Europe and due to the recent collaborations, influences and expansion of the F1 racing globally, F1 has become one of the trend setter sin the fashion world. While many are not into racing, many can appreciate the technical design of the suits, helmets and the colors that is shown in F1. Be prepare to see more F1 in social media and news outlet other than racing.