DJI – Osmo Pocket 3


After 3 years, DJI has finally updated their Osmo Pocket line. Introducing the Osmo Pocket 3. The Osmo Pocket 3 is made from the materials as previous models and those are aluminum body, rubberized parts, plastic and a motor inside for the gimbal. The Osmo pocket 3 now has a 1 inch CMOS sensor for low light capability and better color reproduction. This also means it can shoot 4k with 120 fps. Controls are now a joystick and a record button. Not only that, it comes with a tilting screen that can automatically change modes by rotating the screen to landscape and the camera will also change its shooting models depending on the orientation.  Best of all, it comes with a 2 inch screen, which will make it easier to record and video videos. Will be available this November at a price of $520. Check it out!

I have the DJI Osmo pocket 2. I will wait for this Osmo Pocket 3 to be on sale or go down in price. As of right no, I do think it is over price. However, the bigger screen and the tilting capability is nice. I can also use the previous wireless mic on the Osmo pocket 3. Glad their updated this model as it can be good for recording products, vlogging and traveling camera.