Db – Ramverk Pro Luggages



Summer season and everyone is traveling no matter how hot it is. Db is providing passenger needs with the Ramverk Pro. The Ramverk Pro is made from aluminum frame with plastic body and uses lock latches to keep everything secure. It also has a telescoping handle  with a handle that looks like it was made for SpaceX. It has smooth roller by using 360 degree hinomoto ultra silent spinners. The interior has multiple compartments for smaller stuff and laptops. It also compresses your clothes when it is time to close the Ramverk Pro. The Ramverk pro can also use other Db accessories with hooks system, especially when attaching smaller bags, The luggage will come in two colors, black and silver and black. Also will come in two sizes with a carry on and check in that come sin at prices from $600 to $850. Available now!

A brutalist designer from Db yet is is functional. Glad they use a latch lock system instead of zippers for better security. The handle is a work of art and something I normally do not see. Hook system is great, especially when I do not like carrying my backpack. I only wish the prices as lower.