Outlier – Nexhigh Carry Bag


This limited run bag is quite unique as it is using a custom fabric. This carry bag is made from Nexhigh fabric which is a composite fabric made from mylar film. It is then bonded to a polyester front and nylon inside. The end result is an extremely flexible yet durable fabric. The shoulder straps is made from paracord that is adjustable. It has an exterior zippered pocket with a main zippered compartment that has an interior pocket. Enough pockets for everyday carry. Overall,. this bag is great for everyday and it is all made in Brooklyn, New York. Too bad it is already sold out! Check it out!

Love the use of the paracord with adjustable buckles. Also, the colors of the straps are nice and definitely different from the usual webbing. Although, I do not like that these are limited run, they should at least create more.