Puebco – Glasses Tray


This might be a novelty but for those who love to have their items have a placed then this one of them. The glasses tray by Puebco is a ceramic tray to put your glasses or sunglasses.  The design is simple. It is rectangular with a curve notch on the center to mimic the center of a glasses. It measures 7″ x 3″ 1″, which is big enough to placed any glasses on it. It will come in one color, that is why at a price of only $26. Seems like a bargain but it is a minimalistic and well design production. You might not need it but it certainly is neat. Check it out!

I love the design, it is simple and it only has one function. It might not be an essential but again, this is for those who love their items to have a place or a cover. The price is pretty good too.