cote&ciel – Todd Obsidan Black


The Todd. The Todd is a different type of tote bag from coet&ciel. This bag is made from Polyester that has a PU coating, which makes it water resistant. It can carry a lot of big items and smaller items and is well organized. The man selling point of this bag is that it is divided into two compartments so you know how to separate your items. One compartment has  a zippered pocket. Also, if you don’t know how to store your keys, it also has a key fob. It has  a huge carry handle and when not in use, it ca be folded flat. A different type of tote bag to those who are well organized. Only in black at a price of $140. Check it out!

Definitely love the way it is designed and constructed. I have never thought of this and I do think it is quite use to have two compartments when separating items.