Pelican – G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet


What a long name for a wallet! Since this is made by Pelican, you know it will be tough and durable. There are many wallets out there but this one bring a lot of functions than normal wallets. Made from aluminum, steel hinge pins and elastic. It opens like a clamshell. It has pockets for cards and cash while the other can keep coins, keys, and other small items. Not only that, it has a loop loops for lanyard attachment. The design is Pelican like, engineered and minimalistic. It will come in two colors, silver or black. Best of all, it is IP67 rated and can block RFID. Available now a price of $40. Check it out!

I like this wallet due to its interior organizer. The outside is bland and will do its job of being crushproof and water proof but it is not something I am attracted to. The price is certain nice.