Greats – Foster Closed Back Slipper


A chunky yet interesting slipper design. This is the Foster Close Back Slipper by Greats. It has a quilted, rib yet chunky design that supposedly comfortable and sustainable. It is made from recycled nylon, recycled rubber outsole, recycled mesh lining and genuine leather foot bed. It has a heel cushion and an stretch upper for closure and comfort. It uses zig zag bottom sole for grip.  Greats is describing this slipper an an everyday slipper that can be taken anywhere. While it does look chunky, yet it is simple in design. It will come in three colors, olive, grey and black at a price of $119. Available now!

The design is quite interested because slippers are usually sleep and fitted. This one takes a fatter approach to slippers. I do like that they are using recycled materials.