Tumi x Missoni – Travel Collection


This is an interesting collaboration. Fashion house Missoni and travel expertise Tumi have collaboration to create this small travel collection. It uses the Tumi’s silhouette of backpacks, totes, slings, luggages, and smaller items. The materials are the same, which could be nylon, metal, and plastic depending on the item. The biggest focal point of the design of this collection is the Missoni multi color zig-zag. It is striking, colorful and yet elegant at the same time. Not an over powering pattern. Prices will range around $300 to $2k depending on the item. It is a limited collaboration that probably sell out fast. Available now!

The luggage makes the zig-zag pattern look like a piece of art. Something that can be display in the living room or just a duration piece with a travel functionality., I am glad that Missoni did not overpower the color on this.