Editorial – Men are carrying more items


Since the everyday carry (EDC) movement has exploded, more and more men are carrying more items into their pocket or moving on to bags.

In modern times, men are carrying their wallets, knife, watch, bracelet, or sunglasses. No men  carried a bag on an everyday basis unless it is for work. Well that has change recently, due to men carrying more items to the point that sooner or later, everybody including men will have bags.


via HiConsumption


Nowadays everybody seem to be carrying a phone, portable chargers, cable, wallets, swiss army knife, watches and so on. Certainly, there are men still carrying the most essential items that they do not need bags.

Although, the EDC movement has change what men will carry on an everyday basis. For the most part, many decided to just carrying a small bag such as slings or messenger bags or even a backpack.

This is great news for knife makers, wallets, and and other small items that EDC crowd tend to carry. Also, it does make every man to be handy when things are in need or there is an emergency. Or when they are in danger.

In a technology driven world, cables, batteries, chargers are all needed. There are also men who have offices such as WeWork and thus, carrying a bag with their EDC items.

Also, more and more people are going to festival, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling more. These small items are a must have.

Usually, you see these EDC types of items in camps or when hiking but not in the urban landscape. Although, time has change where everyman suddenly has a lot more to carry. Certainly, they are starting to match their female counterpart.

Is this bad? Not at all, Carrying a lot of items is not new but the men living in urban environment are carrying more item than usual and I am not sure if it’s needed. Also, having tech items is consumes a lot of space in bags.

As we move into the digital world, the EDC movement will not stop and will only rise.