Razer – Kiyo Pro


Finally, something new in the webcam sector. Razer has provided the market with a new and improve webcam, the Kiyo Pro. The name Kiyo is not new as it was their first webcam. Now they are using the name and adding the pro moniker. The exterior design is a came lens like and this webcam with come with a privacy cover. Also, the connection is USB 3.0, which can transfer 1080p resolution with 60 / 30 / 24 frames per second. This has three field of view, 103, 90 and 80 degrees. The lens on this is made by Corning, using the Gorilla Glass 3, which is scratch resistant. When using the webcam, it uses auto focus on ensure quality broadcast and is HDR enabled. Obviously, it will only come in black color and will come at a price of $200.

This webcam is expensive. I am interested and not for gaming but just for communication. I am going to check the reviews first and I do dig the design.