Porter x Takashi Murakami – Floral Bags


Takashi Murakami and Porter have collaborated to create this floral theme bag collection. The collection consist of five items. These five items are shoulder bags, doctors bags, fanny packs, helmet bags, and tool bags. The materials are nylon exterior with polyester lining. Also, metal zippers for compartments and metal latches for straps. The main focal point on these bags are the famous Murakami floral. The floral covers the bags and it certainly shows. Each of the bag has zippered pockets to put items into and making sure it does not fall out. Not only that, each of the bag comes with straps for shoulder carry. They will only come in one color, black. Also, prices will range depending on the bag. Oh and its Japan exclusive. Check it out!

The bags are not bag but the floral design is too much as it is too bog or too much of them. Also, I would have love to see other colors than black.