Trends – Home Exercise Tech


Well, it seems the pandemic of 2020 is not going away anytime soon as it mixes in with the flu season. And so, Most of the fitness centers are still close. Some are open but many of them are still close or with limited capacity.

This is the perfect time where many brands are taking advantage and creating new innovation in the exerciser industry by presenting the consumer with home exercise tech.

While the industry is more focus on active wear such as Lululemon and beyond Yoga, many consumers have still not used them to the most as the fitness centers are still close. Brands such as Tonal and Peloton are presenting the consumer with new products that keeps them active while staying home.

These products are for exercising with big screens for tutorials and keeping in sync with instructions that is built in or via internet of things.

Mirror has a product that is attach to the wall. The tech has videos with trainers and instructions to follow. Not only that, it can keep track of your exercise.


Another similar product is the Tonal. It has a few attachments that can be used. Not only that, it has resistance exercise, which can help to tone the body for more physical exercise.

If you are more in to intense exercises, Peloton has a bike with a big touch screen that can be adjusted and set it to the way you want your exercise to be. It is a bicyble type only but it can certainly add to your exercise regime.

The problem with these exercise tech are the price. Certainly they are new to the market and they are gaining popularity due to people staying at home and the fitness center being close. Prices for the above tech can range from $1k to $4k. Not only that, these new tech are much more interactive and intuitive more than ever. I guess that is where the high prie is showing due to the research and development. New years is not far and the number 1 resolution is always to lose weight, and so these will gain more popularity than 2020.

Depending on the ecosystem of each brand, they could attract a lot of consumers and the consumers could possibly save money by buying these product at once instead of having to spend month to month plans.


Whether the market will demand it or not will depend on the consumer but these times, the consumer may not have  choice but to exercise at home and turn one of the arts of their home to be a gym.

The brands that are making these home fitness will be in the forefront of the trend and consumer will take notice.