Elhaus – Empty Room Collection


Here is a collection that is unique and art driven. The Empty Room collection by elhaus is inspired by graphics, a[tterns and technical construction of garments. They have collaborated with Adriel and Tangan Besi to narrate the collection. The silhouettes in this collection are t-shirts, jackets, kimonos, pants, button up short sleeves shirts, and sweaters. The Tops sections of the collection are design by graphics and/or technical constructions such as pockets, zippers, and other exterior designs. The Bottoms are also design with decorations and exterior designs. The jackets are all filled with pockets, similar to a safari jackets. The prices are reasonable ranging from $50 to $150. All of it is now available!


The artwork on this collection is astounding. I also live the way it narrates the pieces to show the theme. All I have to say is this collection is great and prices are reasonable too! I am very impress.