Agape Studio – Archaia Collection


Agape studio has launch their third collection titled, Achaia Collection. The items in this collection are gold plated with the exception of the leather pouch. The collection consist of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Total of 15 new pieces in the collection and are inspired by the ancients times. The focal pieces are the palmure necklaces, Athanais ring and the Ulysse earrings. The items are water resistant and allergy free. Not only that the pouch is made from vegan leather.  Best of all, the average price is around $50. Check the site as this will be available on June 8.

I like the way these pieces look as they are certainly seems like items that are from the past. It’s like taking a trip on a time machine. They are not gaudy and not overly design. The price is also reasonable!