Sony – ZV-1


Sony has answered many calls from a lot of bloggers, the ZV-1. This compact camera is targeted to those who travel and create video blogs. Vloggers. The body and the features is derived from the RX100. Although, this camera has a fully articulated screen, ample mic with a hot shoe. Not only that, it includes a dead cat to reduce wind noises. While it does not have a rotary mode dial, it still has many of the camera features that RX100 has. It has 20.1 MP that can shoot 4K, F1.8 aperture with 28-70mm zoom lens that is optically stabilized. A grip on the front and finally, a product showcase model for shooting products. It will come at a price of $750. It will be available later this month at Sony and retails.

I cannot believe it has taken this long for brands to create this type of camera. Canon was close but here we are with Sony. It has the features and the focus for it to become the one travel camera. Maybe, I should put it on my Christmas list.