Marine Sierre – Regenerated Spring – Summer 2020


Marine Sierre is showcasing a video of her denim process for her Spring and Summer 2020 collection. She titled it, Regenerated. As per video, it shows donated or recycled denim clothes, chalked, cuts, and sewn based on the style. Once the style has been sewn, it goes through the wash cycle, depending on the wash, it could vary. Not only that, trims are added later in the process depending on the style. Interestingly, the denims are hand picked before they are used to maintain consistency and shades. This allows Marine Sierre to maintain quality. Check the video as it is interesting showcase by Marine Serre.

I love seeing process like this. Although, it was interesting to see them hand pick the items instead of using them all. Also, recycling denim is not easy. It is a lot more work.