Nite Ize – Accessories Collection


Nite Ize has created a collection of accessories that is practical and protect you items. These accessories are made from TPU that is welded/bonded in the seams and TRUE Zip that is waterproof and dustproof zipper technology that also has a lock at the end. The collection consist of wallet, pocket, pouch, toiletry bag, packing cubes and optics case. Quite a collection but has the items you may need. These items can be use for casual and the outdoors. If you are into extreme sports then these accessories can be taken anywhere and everywhere due to their practical reasons. They come in different shapes and sizes and price will also vary. Available soon.

These accessories from Nite Ize looks great and practical. Also, These types of items that are made of TPU and bonded/welded in the seams are becoming a trend and these are just one of the first items to show the practicality of the mate rial and application.