IMO – Best Dopp Kit

Another In My Opinion Series, this time, Dopp Kits.

Dopp kits or toiletry kits comes in many forms and sizes. Not only that, it comes in different colors and prices.  Everybody seems  to have their own personal preferences when it comes to dopp kits because everyone have their own items to bring an also organize within these dopp Kits.

To make things easier, these are I think the best dopp kits you can buy for any items that you own. These dopp kits are practical, secure, organize and most of all, functional.

This is in no particular order.

The Eagle Creek Wallaby – This is the biggest dopp kit in this list but it can carry the most items. It has two way zippered compartment, clear pouch, shatterproof mirror, non slip hanging hook, stain and water repellent. A lot of features and it is only $40. It comes in multiple colors so I suggest getting the colored versions so that you can easily identified it in your luggage. My favorite feature is when it is hanging, all items are easily accessible.

The Tumi Alpha Bravo RIley – This dopp kit is stylish yet functional. It is made from ballistic nylon, which is abrasive and water repellent. Hanging hook, two main zipper compartments, anti-bacterial lining, and elastic loops. This is the most expensive option in this list but if you want to have a stylish dopp kit then this is it. What makes this different from the Eagle Creek is it’s metal trims instead of plastic and more durable materials but that depends on you if you see a high value in the Tumi. I did because I own one.

The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister – That is a long name for a dopp kit but if you are looking for a simple and colorful option, then is the one. This is made from the same material as their Base Camp Duffel, 300D laminated TPE and ballistic nylon. Comes with hanging hook, huge compartment, mirror and mesh compartment. Best of all, it has handles on each side. If you do not have a lot of items when traveling, then this is also perfect as this is the smallest dopp kit of the three. It can be daisy chain and hook on bags. It is quite versatile. Not only that, it can be folded flat for storage. This is the cheapest of the three coming at $34. Oh, i forgot to mention. I own this too.

Those are it, only three and nothing more. I am sure you notice that all three of them have hanging hooks. The reason for this is convenience and practicality. I do not like have to lay my dopp kit on the counter top, it is it better to hang for easy access and does not get in the way. Also, all three of them have mirror in case you need one. I have also chosen all of these three due to their durability. They have been proven and will last as long as you!?

I did not include any luxury brand dopp kits as many of them are not functional compare to the three above. Not only that, their price do not do justice.