Unique Markets – Los Angeles


Last week, April 30 to May 1. Unique Market hosted their semi-annual events here in Los Angeles at the California Market Center. A lot of vendors, creativity, ideas, especially products. I went to the venue to enjoy the products including the festivity itself. Great event!


Entry is $10.00 for both days.


This company is made of Minnesota with stylized milk crates, lunches boxes and tote bags.


This brand was selling leather goods and other small items.

P1030760 P1030758

REWILDER is a brand that uses used up beer bags that cannot be recycled, so instead they used it to create bags.


I did not think that magnetic based plants would look so great!


Pocket Square is a brand that I have known for a long time as I have met some of the guys from this brand. They started from nothing and now they will actually will open a store here in LA.


They also had a art wall for adults and kids to draw.


Cork is becoming a material with multiple uses. This brand right here showcases just that.


It might seem just a decoration piece but actually, the lights will get brighter as when touching any metal piece of the mark. It is also a way tot urn off the lights.