Editorial – Purple Label by The North Face

The North Face is known of it’s technical outdoor gear. The products they carry ranges from jackets, bags, accessories and definitely their garment technology. Every item goes through painstaking research that must be check and process before it is presented to the consumer.

They are not known for their sportswear and fashion forward style but on the other side of the ocean is something quite different.

The purple label by The North Face.

A fashion oriented outdoor clothing that is only available in Japan due to it’s┬ádistributions and trademark differences. It is own by GOLDWIN INC. It’s still belongs to The North Face, just different distributions. While this label may also have the name but it’s designer are certainly different and one of outdoor fashion clothing best kept secret.

It’s headquarters is located in Japan. Every design and production process is only done and distributed in Japan.

The Purple label retains the silhouettes, technical fabrics, and outdoor look of the brand but the target market are for fashion conscious consumers. This is not only great butis smart. The rise on consumer ethos are changing towards brands accountability. There are consumers who look for technical garments yet fashionable when shopping. The purple label fills that gap and certainly does it well.

The purple label is one of the few brands that blends fashion forward style and outdoor gear. Not only that, it also has features that not a lot of companies offers. From water resistance, warmth, comfort to style.

The riser of this brand is growing but they are limited due to their Japan only exclusive. It’s too bad as this brand is great.