EDITORIAL – Google's Android Mascot

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What happen to our beloved Android mascot? Truthfully speaking, he is turning into a font now. As Google keeps on revolutionizing the mobile industry by updating and upgrading their Android OS with the means of simplifying. From fonts, transitions, and flatter designs, the mascot is starting to disappear. Does that mean that Google will terminate their mascot in the future? From the looks of it, they might.


In the beginning of Android since the Nexus 1, the mascot has always been there from the start menu and also when the system is updating the software. Moving on to the Nexus 2 to 4, not until the Nexus 5 is when we finally see the changes in the start screen, The mascot has been replaced by it’s new font brother.


Many have taken notice of this as Google is going with a new design and different path. What does it mean? Well, nothing really, maybe Google just decided not to integrate their mascot in to many part of their OS. The mascot is still in lollipop when you click on the firmware.


One thing that Google does not seem to take seriously is the cult following of their Android. The vinyl toys. The mascot has been design a million times that it has been a collectors item. This following is what many fans of the Android OS have always enjoyed about Android because of its quirkiness, especially the naming of their new firmware such as Froyo and Kit Kat. I guess you can say that Android OS is quite the playful one compare to the competition.


Personally, I like seeing the mascot in my start up screen. The mascot is much more recognizable than the font, which I do not like. In the scheme of things, nothing will change as consumers will instantly recognize Android OS by its mascot, instead of it’s font counter part.

As for Google, I will not be surprise if they do kill the mascot in the future. One thing is for sure, it will be a sad day for the loyal fans of Android.