Seiko 5 – GMT Collection


Finally, Seiko’s 5 division brought something to shake up the watch industry. The SSK is Seiko 5 GMT model. A GMT functions is give dual time zone. The Seiko 5 GMT is reasonable priced and absolutely stunning. Using the 4R34 movement, which has a GMT and a date function. The movement has an independent GMT hand for quick adjust. It will also have around 40-50 hours of power. This watch is inspired by Seiko’s SKX line, which has been discontinued for a couple of years now. It will have a hardlex crystal, with a magnifier at the 3 for the date. The crown is position at the 5, and finally the bezel is bi-directional. The SSK model will have three colors. Orange, black and black/blue at a price of $500.00. They will be available on July 2022.

The SSK line is a game changer. Not only it is a Seiko 5 with a GMT but this also means that anybody can buy an affordable GMT. Also, think about what the aftermarket will do, especially the movement. I am hoping for a smaller size SSK.