DSPTCH X Idle Worship – Dyneema Collection


DSPTCH and Idle Workship have collaborated together to create a small collection made of bags. These bags are made from Dyneema that are hand dyed as so each pieces do not have the same shade of color. The silhouettes are messengers, slings, and a tote bag. Each of them have exterior and interiors pockets by using zippers for open and close. It will come in two colors, Pistachio and Ocean Fog. Since these pieces are made of Dyneema they are lightweight and durable. Also, water resistant. The collection will be limited and prices will vary depending on the bag. Best of all, each pieces will have a hand dyed keychain that will be included in each purchase. Check them out!

I am not liking the prices even though they are  Made in USA. Over $200 for each piece. I would prefer them to be at least around $100. These Dyneema bags looks nice.