Carl Friedrik – The Carry-on


The market for hard case luggage is now saturated as they can be purchased in multiple designs, colors and features. Carl Friedrik is presenting the market with something fresh and you could say innovative. The Carry-on is made from plastic, leather accents, and aluminum. The leather accents are for the handles and designs while the rest are plastic. It is clamshell design and opening. The interior comes with zippered pockets and cinch straps. Not only that, it has a place to put USB cable that connects to two USB slots for charging devices. Best of all, it has two aluminum clasp lock with triple digit lock codes for security. No zippers, just locks for easier lock and opening. It will come in three colors; cognac, chocolate, and black. It is now available at a price of around $350. Check it out!

I like the look of this luggage. Also, the leather accents make a different especially when you art the baggage claim. My favorite is the double lock because it uses a lock instead of zippers.