Mismo – M/S Seaside Bag


While summer in the USA maybe over but other countries have only begun their summer time. Mismo is offering the market with their seaside bag. A different take from the usual tote bag. The fabrics will be compose of polyester/cotton blend depending on the design and color. Handles are made from cotton and genuine leather. Also, it has metal hardware such as the grommets and clasp. It uses two handle system by using the rope as short handles while the leather is a long handle. It uses metal clasp for closure. No zippers. Color will come in herringbone, palm, army green, khaki, camo and coal. A lot of colors to offer. It is now available at a price of $525.00. Check it out!

I like the design of this seaside bag. Again, it is different from the usual tote bags out there. Also. I like the different materials in the handle. Great contrast. Depending on the fabric, it can certainly look high end.