Casio – G-Shock GMWB5000PB6 Tokyo


inspired the night lights of Tokyo, Japan. Casio has dedicated this all metals G-Shock to that scenery. This G-Shock is made from stainless steel just like the other all metal G-Shocks. It retains water resistant, night light, timer and alarm clock. Not only that, it has Bluetooth and radio connectivity. This runs in solar and it has a battery life that can last up to 22 months. The colors are ion plated gray blue an purple. The inner dial also has the same color combination. A watch is that colorful yet not over the top. This watch will most likely be the same price as other metal G-shocks. It is available now in Japan and will soon to be release worldwide.

I love the color combination of this because the color is proper, especially the color combination. The way it looks is definitely unique from other g-shocks. The only area I do not like about metal G-shocks is the overhanging bracelet from the case.