Commes Des Garcons x Asics – Trainers


Comme Des Garcons and Asics have collaborated to present the market with these trainer shoes. The two have chosen Asics’ trainers and tarther silhouette for the small collection. They are made from genuine leather, foam, rubbers and synthetic mesh. They also have bright and colorful bottom sole design. The trainer’s design use the classic design of Asics while the tarther uses a contrasting design with a mix of black color. Both were made for running and exercise but adding Comme Des Garcon’s design expertise have made these in a fashionable shoes. They will come in aqua, lime and pink colorway at a price of around $300. They are now available!


I always liked Comme Des Garcon’s design takes on design. They seem to add a bit of flair. Also, prices are not bad. Although sizing can be an issue.