Trends – The Year of Bronze Watches


While the virus is slowly running out of time, the wrist watches industry are still producing and have been making watches from a particular material. Bronze

Why bronze?

Well, it is a material that shows a lot of patina and color changes overtime.  Thus, a great material as watches tend to be kept longer by owners. 2021 seems to be the year of bronze watches.

Bronze are not often seen in watches, but when they do, they are limited edition and  expensive. It also caters to those of have an eccentric taste. Bronze is not a versatile color. Not only that. the sweat from your wrist will make the bronze shows its age and will quickly show a patina. Bronze is known for that unlike stainless steel.

Hamilton has released a bronze edition for their field mechanical. Hamilton is known for its field watches and having a bronze edition is a great addition to their repertoire.


So what is it with bronze watches? What makes them special?

Well for once. they are different have a great patina look overtime. Definitely will show more than its age. Also, they are unique compare to gold or steel watches. The negative aspect of bronze is that it will easily show patina when wearing. It’s part of the material. That means you have to accept the outcome when having a bronze watch.


Again, bronze is an eccentric taste. If you like it then buy. If not then stay away.

Tudor have continually expanded their Black Bay line every year and the bronze edition is in their lineup for the year 2021, Although, Tudor aded 3,6,9 to the dial design and not just material additions.



Bronze watches are an eye catcher but subtle in appearance unlike in your face gold.

Bronze is not as versatile as steel but when worn properly with complimenting colored garments or accessories, its superb and amazing.

There have always been bronze watches that are released every year but more and more announcements of watches in bronze for 2021.

Oris joined in on the trend by making their Carl Brashear in bronze edition. The dial is colored in navy to contrast the bronze color of the case. Not only that, the markers are easy to read and seen from afar.

There are more brands that have join in on the bronze trend such as Zenith, Panerai, Mont Blanc, RADO and many more.

Halfway to 2021, there are still more months to go and more watches to be released and do not be surprise if bronze is all over the watch industry.