Samsung – Galaxy S21 Ultra


The Samsung Galaxy S21 has been announced. At the same time, Samsung also announced the top model, the S21 Ultra. It will come with a standard 5G antenna. The major features are 2k screen resolution, 6.8″ screen, 12 or 16 GB RAM depending on the model, and a 5,000 mAh battery. Not only that, it will come with 4 cameras with laser focus AF system. It can take pictures up to 108 MP. Samsung have taken full advantage of the big screen with an optional stylus. It can be sold separately with a case that has a stylus storage. It will come in 5 colors at a price of $1,200. Will be available later this January. Check it out.

With the stylus as an accessory, it will certainly put the Samsung Note on life support. I think the phone is overprice and it is quite a confusion hone because it leaves the S21 models as basic.