Dissected – Apolis – Chore Jacket


I have been wearing the Apolis Chore Jacket back in winter and through spring. I bought it at the Apolis Surplus pop up shot. Basically, it is a over supply or over stock of Apolis items at discounted prices. They have one in navy and one in black but I could not find the size that I need in navy, so I decided to buy the black color way.

Let proceed on dissecting the details of the Chore Jacket by Apolis

The front has four pockets with two of them having flap covers. The center has the red cross Apolis logo. This is seen in a lot of their clothes and accessories,

The inside front band is double layer. Not only that, it has a hidden rivet to reinforce the inside banding for durability, Although, it does not all go down the bottom hem.

Above is the full short. As you can tell, it does not all the way up and down.

The inside right of the jacket has pockets, which includes a pocket with flap cover and a pen pocket. Again. This is a chore jacket so it makes sense to have these types of organization. Reminds me of a safari jacket. Also, It has the care instructions label which shows that is made from wool, cotton, and nylon.

On the inside back neck has the Apolis logo label. On top of that is a stripe fabric that is sewn to make the jacket hang on coat racks. When buying this, the hang tag is attach on it.

Here is another shot of the inside back neck, which shows a rounded collar.

Here is a close up of the exterior sewing constructions. It is Triple needle stitch. That is a nice touch for strength and durability.

Finally, here is the close up short of the sleeve and cuff. The sleeve has the triple needle stitch on. The cuff the a triangle tip and dual sizing. It uses buttons for closure.

When I bough this jacket, it was stiff but the more I wore it. It became softer and softer. This could be due to the wool and nylon. I also realize that this jacket can be worn everyday when the weather permits it. It is not a thick jacket, not too long or too short. I never had a chore jacket before but I like the functionality of this jacket due to its multiple pockets and organization.

Best of all, I only bough it for $30.