Acronym – J1A-GTKP Death Stranding


Taking inspiration from the video game Death Stranding, Acronym and Hideo Kojima have collaborated to create the J1A-GTKP jacket. The jacket takes cues or close to a recreation of the jacket that is worn in the video game. The jacket is made from gore-tex fabrics that is breathable, moisture repellent. Features are convertible collar, re-positioned and resized pockets, interior zippered pockets, multiple exterior zippers pockets, and cinch straps. The jacket also has a yellow pocket that takes cues from the Death Stranding video game and certainly a focal point. This jacket is water repellent due to the nature of gore-tex. Since this is a collaboration, it will be limited. It will only come in one color. It is already sold out. Check it out!

I like this jacket. It has multiple features and quite technical. Perfect for the fall and winter months due to its performance and heat retention. Not only that, it has a great inspiration!