John Smedley x Porter – Knit Holder in Travel Case


Here is something useful and practical that comes from a collaboration. The collaboration of John Smedley and Porter have created this item called the knit holder in travel case. Made from 100% nylon with nylon zippers. It is packable and foldable. It has 2 shelves with one main zippered compartment. This can be filled with item,s prior to packing. When un-packing, it can be hanged and your items will already be organized. The logos are on the bottom right corner that shows both company’s branding. It will be available on April 28, 2020 but can be reserve. It will come in two colors; navy and khaki and priced at $150. Check it out!

I like the way this travel case looks. It is practical and certainly useful when traveling. Sometimes organizing clothes in hotels can be a hassle. This alleviates that! Also, that branding is terrible as it seemed like an afterthought.