Patagonia – Recrafted


Patagonia has decided to produce clothing from other parts of clothes that cannot be recycled. They call it, Recrafted. The collection consist of parts of clothing that cannot be recycled and reused them to produce a collection that are matched and complimented well in regards to colors and patterns. The inspiration came from questioning the clothes that fills up the landfill. The collection consist of jacket for now but will expand to different bodies in the future. The collection will be sowing up as a pop up shop at Boulder, Colorado. Prices will range and it will be available from November 14 until February 2020. Check it out!

Good to see Patagonia doing something great but as you can tell from the video, they are very picky with the clothes they are tearing apart to make new clothes on. Also, this does not solve the problem of fashion throwaways,