Filson Series – Secondary Market


This is the fourth edition of the Filson Series

Filson has already globalize themselves and moved many of their items from domestic manufacturing to overseas manufacturing. The main factories are in China. Many buyers of Filson have been accustomed to the Made in USA statement that it has garnered many items of Filson to be highly regarded in the secondary market. Not only that, many buyers are only buying items that are strictly Made in USA.

If you look at websites such as Ebay and styleforum, there are thousand and thousands of Filson items on sale. Many are vintage and still in great condition. Not only that, there are also discontinued items that can only be bought through these websites as Filson do not carry them anymore. Buying vintage Filson can have its disadvantages as it can be used but this is why Filson made their restoration department.

Filson saw that there are secondary market and many FIlson owners would love to mend their Filson, thus FIlson created the restoration department mending and repairs. Also, Many vintage Filson that have been restored are on sale but can only be purchase in store. Though, the problem is that, many restored Filson are more expensive their their newer counterparts, which defeats the purpose of a repaired Filson.

‘Might as well have the best’ slogan for Filson have been a success for them that Filson are built well. This means that buying a used Filson the secondary market will hardly have any damages.

Still, there is no denying that Filson has a cult following and have a huge secondary market that is cutting through FIlson sales but this is not surprising. There has been many changed in quality in their items that many loyals have seek the secondary market. The biggest change in recent years are going from their twill fabric that is used in their bags.

Going from 22 oz twill to 18 oz twill. While the weight may not make a major difference in hand feel, but overtime, the 22 oz twill will be much more tougher and durable than their new 18 oz twill. That is one of the reasons why many have search the secondary market.

The Filson secondary market will always be there whether you are new or an old buyer of Filson as there are vast resources of buying a Filson. Not only that, they are tough and durable that there is no shame in buying second hand.

If you are buying a Filson in the secondary market, then at least try to buy one that was Made in USA.