Ocotovo – Accessories 2015

octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-12 octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-13 octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-16 octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-17

Octovo has finally release their new product line for 2015. It is quite a product line as they are presenting a lot of it. From zippered wallet, card wallets, comb sleeves, iPad sleeves, passport wallet, and etc. The materials is of course, leather. Octovo is a company that uses minimalist design to produce a lavish impact. The names of the each product is also unique, from the bird cage to the mixie. The products covers all basis of style and organization. Each product is now available for purchase.

octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-11 octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-9 octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-8 octovo-2015-fall-winter-collection-5

I like their new products. Part of if is that it inspired me and also sketch out new design. I am interested in their thought process, especially the names they give their products. The accessories is becoming full and competitive.