Filson Series – Product Discontinuation


The third edition of the Filson Series

Every company is out to for business and to make a profit in this competitive field of apparel. Filson is no different. Ever since Filson was purchase by Bedrock Manufacturing Co. back in 2012, the company has been churning out new designs and products every year. Some products have stayed and many have been discounted. This is concerning to the loyal customer of Filson.

Filson have always been consistent and quite traditional  with their products and maintaining their current market. Their marketing is also quite traditional and at least have longevity with their new products to give consumers time to accept the new products. While their traditional and classic products have always been a staple for Filson, they cannot depend on their traditional items to keep them afloat. Thus, the reason of new design and products every year.

There have been a lot of products that Filson has discontinued. Many of these items have competed with their current line or product a new line to present to the market. There are many more items that Filson have recently discontinued and will continue until the product shows its worth in the market and profits. Unfortunately, many customer who recently come to find this out are usually too late to purchase the item as it not sold anymore once it is discontinue. It can only be found on sale or Ebay.

The problem stems from its market and also the design product. Many of these items that have been discontinue are competing products with the current line, especially in the accessory line. Unfortunately, Filson has not pinpoint its niche. They need to produce new designs and products that can be sustain and have a long life cycle.

An example of this is the Medium Travel Bag. This bag has the look of the duffel bag but the size is between the small and medium duffle bag.Not only that, I think it is more useful due to its  exterior and interior pockets. One thing it does not have is the cover flap, but other than that, it is more practical and useful.

The Day pack was a bag for the students and tech consumers. It was not a large bag but it has a lot of interior pockets for organization and a laptop compartment. It did not compete with any of Filson offering but it did not meet market expectation thus leading to it being discontinued.

The carry-on travel bag has now been replaced by the FIlson Pullman. The biggest change is that the Pullman has no flap cover and it comes in two sizes, small and large. The decision to discontinue it is unclear but it seems like that the Pullman was a batter design than the large carry-on. I also think that the Carry-on bag is not well design.

Back in 2012, Filson created a luggage line that is made of TPU It was their waterproof line. To cater to those who are adventurous and want to keep their items dry. Fast forward, a lot of these items can now be seen on sale. Could this be consider a failure from Filson as this was a new market for them to undertake? Depending on your perspective it could be as it is now discontinue.

It is not just accessories but clothing is also affected

Clothing has the highest turn out rate of discontinue product in the company. Many have also been modified and customer have notice,

A discontinue production is the Hunting coat by FIlson.

From the Creek Jacket, Duwamish Wool Bomber , Blaze Orange Tin Cloth Hunting Jacket, and so on.

Let’s not forget, Filson have also change their phrase from ‘MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE BEST’ to “UNFAILING GOODS.” 

They have also created a new line of watches and consumers have taken notice. Only time will tell if Filson will be successful in watches as this is not their specialty or market.

As of right now, the future of the current line up of Filson is uncertain. The heritage lines will always be a guaranteed seller for them as they are the staples. Only time will tell as to what FIlson products will look like. The apparel industry is not what it used to be. Might as well have the best products may not be their phrase anymore.