Dissected – Wallace & Barnes – MA-1 Primaloft Bomber Jacket

I recently purchase a bomber jacket that is made by Wallace and Barnes.  This bomber jacket comes with Primaloft fabric, which is basically a nylon fabric coated with Primaloft. Basically to keep you warm and dry from the elements.

Wallace & Barnes is actually own by J. Crew. It is a menswear brand that is a homage to the yesteryear of menswear and tkaing inspirations from vintage garments. Let’s get on with dissecting this jacket.

The back of the jacket is nothing simple but the back length is shorter than the front length.

This is on the left sleeve. it has a zipper pocket and it has two cigarette/pen/pencil pocket.

This is located on the front. It uses a snap button for closure. The interesting part of this pocket is the opening is sewn on the flap, which is actually better when protecting from the elements.

As you can tell when the flap cover is folded, the opening also becomes folded.

Here you have the ribbed standing collar. Also the WALLACE & BARNES logo label.

This interior pocket is located on the left side of the jacket. Great for smaller items. Uses a button closer.

The interior side pocket opening has been reinforce by stitches on the top with a triangular stitch lines.

It uses a TALON zipper. This is great durable stuff.

All in all, I purchase this jacket for around $140.00 at a sale price. I am quite happy and I do get compliments when wearing this. I especially love the color. They call it wine. The best part of this is not the quality but the size. The size and length of this jacket is how a bomber jacket suppose to be. It is on just the waistline. Many jacket of the yesteryear has always have the length on the waistline.

In conclusion, this jacket will last for a long time as long as i take care of it. From the fabric, zipper and the look, It is a jacket that I love wearing.