VANQUISH – Fall-Winter 2015

black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-19 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-16 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-15 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-13 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-9

VANQUISH Japan has released their Fall – Winter 2015 collection that consist of a dark theme with a splash of light colors. The style covers mostly jackets from parka, trench, motorcycle, denim, double-breasted and blazers. Only a few colors is shown in this collection from camel, silver and white but it’s not overly provocative as the theme is mostly dominated by black and navy. As you can tell, a lot of layering and fitted garment is used for the styling. Overall, it is a nice package of collection that is hopefully will come in retail.

black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-13 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-8 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-7 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-6 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-5 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-3 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-4 black-by-vanquish-2015-fall-winter-collection-2

VANQUISH is a unique brand that is trying to carve its own niche. They are a blend of fitted and Japanese slouch that gives them their own look. I really like what they are doing with this collection and hopefully to see more creativity from them.