Dissected – GAP 1969 Japanese selvedge slim fit jeans


Couple of weeks ago. I was looking for jeans that were 100% cotton due to my hatred of any denim with spandex. Store after store and low and behold GAP had a sale that were 75% off. Checked their jeans and found some slim fit selvedge jeans.

Lets look below and dissect the details of their 1969 Japanese selvedge jean. 

No extra washing. Just straight out of the fabric mill. Just simple raw denim.



GAP packaged with a small information card giving the consumers a small insight of their 1969 Japanese selvedge jeans. They also include the branding in the inside back of the jeans.


Closer look of the information card.


GAP uses a yellow thread for their chain stitch instead of gold. Please note that most fast fashion brands do not use chain stitch on their jeans. A chain stitch makes the seam more durable and prevent unraveling. A nice decoration stitch too. Also see the selvedge edge with the red yarn.


Back side of the Jean with a leather GAP patch and additional branding of 1969 Japanese selvedge jean.


Closer look of the leather patch and branding. The leather is 8 oz.


Turning the garment inside out reveal a lot more details than the exterior.

GAP uses blue, yellow and gold thread. Also they use charcoal and copper rivets. You can see the inside of the button fly. Before zippers were invented. All jean makers uses button fly.


Closer look of the stitching on one of the pockets. The charcoal rivets has a GAP branding on it.


On the left side of the back shows the same information as the information card. Denim made by Kaihara. Also, it has information as to how much GAP usage of water.


Closer look of the inside of button fly. I am actually glad there are no lose threads in this jean.


Front view of the button and button rivet. Most denim button holes will have the golden stitches around but instead, GAP uses indigo threads to match the denim to create a cleaner look.


Inseam/Outseam. The selvedge edge and over lock with chain stitch in the inseam. Again, no lose threads.


Inside out of the hem line. The selvedge has a nice grain look.

The inside butt area. The thread are gold but the reinforce top threads are in indigo to give a cleaner look.


The size label. Yes, I am a 31 waist :P. They sewn the size label first before sewing the leather patch. You can see the stitches of the leather patch.


Overall. I think GAP has a winner here. The best of all. I bought three for under $100 due to the sale. Even without the sale. I think GAP has a winner and quality product here. I am glad to see that a mass market brand has a product without lose threads. Not only that, presenting a product that can match other boutique denim brands. I only hope that they do not change this jean at all.