Vollebak – Ceramic Hoodie


Vollebak is making the hoodie more stronger and flexible. The material that are used here are elastane and polyamide that is embedded with over 60,000 ceramic particles. This results into a hoodie that retains heat, lightweight, breathable and high moisture wicking. The fabric has been weave into using ceramic fibers to create this hoodie. It has two front zippers pocket on the front. Zippered on center front for opening and closure. All zippers are water resistant.  It uses laces to cinch the hoodie. Vallebak has compared the technology from missiles, airplanes and materials that SpaceX uses. Only comes in black and cost $300. Available now!


I like the look of this hoodie. While is is technical and can last for a lifetime but at same time, how much chemicals did it use to create such fabrics? Also, will it be invronmentally friend? So many questions.

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