Versace – Medusa Shoulder Bag


This bag could turn you into a stone as long as you don’t look at it. This shoulder bag by Versace has their logo front and center on the bag. It is made from nylon, genuine leather, and metal trims. The design has a printed medusa medallion on the front. On the back has the printed ring on the back, which also houses the back handle. This shoulder bag comes with a shoulder straps. It has main zippered compartment with topcoats on the side. This bag is unisex, both genders can carry this without a doubt. It will only come in one color at a price around $600. It is now available.

I like the print that Versace uses on this bag. I also like the colors, it may not be extravagant but it still once to look at. Also, men can also use it.

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