Trends – Lighter accessories


There was a time when every households had a lighter. They could have used it for smoking, lighting up the stove, or light up the birthday candles. Nowadays, lighters are becoming uncommon but they are still widely available.

These days, carrying a lighter has been novel but fashion brands are taking lighters and turning them into a fashion accessory. Not the actual lighter but more like the shape of a lighter.



Here is a lighter necklace from Celine that was recently released. It is a lighter and a neck piece that is in a shape of a lighter. Then we have another piece from Ambush. Same type of inspiration. Let’s not stop there, Louis Vuitton actually sold lighters and having their monogram surround it. It was an actual lighter but not sold anymore.



Accessories have always been easy to wear but more and more lighter inspired pieces are coming from high end or luxury brands. This is not to say they it is only exclusive to them but most likely, it will trickle down and the lighter inspired pieces will become a trend.



Will lighter accessories be the next trend later this year or will it just be niche product? Well, that is something that the consumer will have to choose as consumers always the power if items becomes a trend or not. Also, lighters do have certain stigmas, such as the BIC white lighter but that may only be a superstition.

Let’s not forget, since these are higher end brands, prices will always be high but if it does trickle down, then different price range will be offered. For now, I am curious as to what designs will brands make.


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