The North Face Purple Label – Outdoor Technical Pack


One of my favorite brands that is not available in the USA has release two new gear that are technical and made for the outdoors. The two items are a backpack and a sling bag. Both made from ripstop nylon and Cordura nylon with plastic buckle, nylon webbing and metal zippers. The backpack has two compartments with multiple organizer inside. It’s main features is it can be cinch down and depending on the amount of items inside, it can be expanded. The sling bag also has cinch straps. It comes with a bottle holder on the side. It also has multiple organizing pockets on the inside. Both come in multiple colors at a price of around $160 to $220. It is not available but not for the USA.

Sigh, as usual, the Purple label of TNF is not available in the USA. Also, these two gear look great but my favorite is the sling bag as it looks technical and functional at same time. It is too big to be a sling bag.

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