Samsung – Galaxy Note 10 & 10+


Samsung has recently unveiled their new smartphone, the successor to the Note 9. It is the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. The design is similar to the Galaxy S10 series except, the front camera is at the top center. As usual with the Note lines, it comes with an S-Pen with enhance hand motion gestures. The notable specs for the Note 10 will come with 1080p screen, no SD card slot, 6.3″ screen and three cameras. The 10+ will come with a 3040p screen, SD card slot, and 4300 mAh battery. The 3.5mm connection is now missing from both models are Samsung has decided to remove it on this Note models. The materials have change as it uses gorilla glass, aluminum and plastic. It is also IP68 certified. It will come in multiple colors from blue, black, white, pink and red. The prices are $950 for the Note 10 and $1,050 for the Note 10+. Will be available on August 23.

I think this might be the end for the Note. The once powerful phone is has been diminish to a Galaxy S10 but with a pen. No longer the best of the best specs, instead it is just a copy.

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