Porter – Hybrid Leather Collection


Porter has created a collection that touts its material. Made from Dyneema that is coated with PU. Porter states that this material is 15 times strong than steel that feels like leather or crinkled paper. The items in this collection are wallets, fanny packs, duffels, purses, and slings. The design is basic and the colors are solid with not a lot of details or decoration. Each items do have internal organizations to ensure your items will be organized. The colors that are offered are brown, blue and black. Look our for these items to be on sale at Porter and certainly in Japan. Prices will range. Check it out!

Since this is 15 times stronger than steel, I do wonder how environmentally friendly this is. These items will mostly like can outlive a human and it may be the last pieces you need but then again, most people tend do get tired of the same items over and over.


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