Pakhook – Bag Hook


If you are looking to hang your bags on a closet and have it look neat and organized then this item, is for you. The Pakhook is just that, a hook that hangs your pack. It is made from spacecraft age aliment that is finish with a powder coat. It will hang in most closet rods just like a regular hanger. It can hang items up to 60 lbs. Nothing special about the pakhook, it does it job and that is hanging you bags on to your closet and making sure your bags look organized. It is made in the USA and cost at $15. Available now!


The price is reasonable and not expensive. Sine I have a lot of bags, I might have to buy a lot of these but I am not sure if I have enough space in my closet. Also, made from aluminum, this shoulder last for a long time.

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